Postmetapop: Livecore

by Buttress O'Kneel

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Lachan Simpson
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Lachan Simpson BoK is one of Australia's greatest undiscovered music makers. Prolific, playful and inventive.
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" 'Compop 17.9: Postmetapop - Livecore' sees Buttress O'Kneel take an even more bizarre approach than usual. Cobbled together out of live sessions (improvised direct to computer in the studios of World Famous Guitar and Plunger Studios [sic] over many years), these 'livecore' fragments have been strung together into epic surrealistic antimusical mockeries of modern pop music, skirting the unfriendly edges of noise, dada, glitch, mashup, abstract art music, and unlistenable rubbish. But to add needless insult to musical injury, Ms O'Kneel has then taken these self-indulgent slabs of unpopular nonsense, and made them available only as secret bonus tracks - bonus tracks that come free if one downloads her (untitled) two seconds of low-volume brown noise. I repeat: the entire actual album is available ONLY as bonus tracks to a two-second piece of pure brown noise at minimal volume. Is it art? Is it a waste of your time? Or is it just Ms O'Kneel pushing musical boundaries, boundaries that were actually quite sensible boundaries to have in the first place? Whatever the case, 'Compop 17.9: Postmetapop - Livecore' is definitely one album that comes to mind. "

Department of Promotional Musicology
IWML, 2014


released January 5, 2014

Buttress O'Kneel




Buttress O'Kneel Australia

“Words like "mashup" and "remix" don't really do justice to Buttress O'Kneel's method - Top 40 pop crap gets sliced, diced, and tossed into a dizzying, exciting hardcore electro stew. Compared to other djs who timidly drop a Vanilla Ice acapella over a Chemical Bros intro just to move a dance floor, O'Kneel shreds copyrights with a blood-curdling vehemence. Smash the state!”
- Music 4 Maniacs
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