How it Felt for the Rest of Us

by Buttress O'Kneel

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this is a piece to celebrate/commiserate the death of the Abbott regime, which was basically an endless stream of terrible people doing terrible things, which they perplexingly attempted to justify by having Tony Abbott say "Stop the Boats" all the time.

it was embarrassing, ugly, and horrible. of course, it will continue to be ugly and horrible (i doubt any of our "leaders" have suddenly found their hearts overnight), but at least now it will be less embarrassing.

anyway. here is Tony Abbott saying "Stop the Boats", stretched to 72 minutes and 35 seconds (that's 72.6 minutes, for the 726 days Abbott was Prime Minister).

yes, it's long and excruciating, but not as long and excruciating as the last 726 days have been.

-b'o'k, september 2015


released September 16, 2015




Buttress O'Kneel Australia

“Words like "mashup" and "remix" don't really do justice to Buttress O'Kneel's method - Top 40 pop crap gets sliced, diced, and tossed into a dizzying, exciting hardcore electro stew. Compared to other djs who timidly drop a Vanilla Ice acapella over a Chemical Bros intro just to move a dance floor, O'Kneel shreds copyrights with a blood-curdling vehemence. Smash the state!”
- Music 4 Maniacs
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